Friday, October 18, 2013

Inspiring Technology: Concrete Canvas

I know I haven't been posting in the last few months, but with my first midterm under my belt, I have decided to begin making more Inspiring Technology reports. However, I will be structuring them differently from now on. Rather than having larger weekly reports, I am going to be posting more frequent, smaller articles from now on.

 Concrete Canvas

Earlier this week I happened to come across a YouTube video about a new type of concrete that acts like a thick fabric before it sets, allowing it to cover any curved or irregular surface and be set on site with little difficulty. Essentially, Concrete canvas is composed of a synthetic fiber fabric which has been impregnated with a special concrete mix and backed with PVC to make it waterproof.

A roll of Concrete Canvas, which acts like a thick fabric before it is set with water.
A bulk roll of Concrete Canvas. Courtesy of Concrete Canvas Ltd.
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