Monday, July 1, 2013

3 Goals of Indigo Creek

Remembering the Past, Moving to the Future

 Some things are best if made the old-fashioned way, like canned jams or home-baked french bread. Other things, such as energy generators and transportation are best left moving forward. There are many blogs out there that seek to teach people the old-fashioned way to do just about everything, and there are many blogs that show how new technologies make everything easier. However, this one is different.

Through this blog, I hope to show that both methods, the "old-fashioned", do-it-yourself way of life, and the "high-tech", modern approach have their place.



1. Grow

I do not claim to be an authority in do-it-yourself projects. I have found that many blogs and websites that I have visited assume that their readers have a fair amount of do-it-yourself experience. With this blog, I hope to grow along with you. My projects will start simple at first. However as I go, I will break down the projects I undertake so that anyone, no matter what previous experience they have, can start their own projects.My hope is that as I gain experience, my readers will as well.

2. Critique

 As I undertake many of these projects, I hope to help my readers find the best ideas to use themselves. Every time I finish a project I will write a brief summary that cost, effectiveness, taste, etc. to help my readers judge if it is worth their time. With this blog I hope to end the doubt we all have about projects that seem too good to be true.

3. Inspire

In another segment of this blog, I will reveal how modern technology is slated to change the way we interact with the world around us. From new, clean energy, to innovative transportation, I hope that this site will inspire my readers and show them that there can be a world where the "old-fashioned" and "high-tech" lives collide.

Note to the Reader:

I hope that you find this blog as enriching as an experience as I will. Throughout the next few months I will try many different projects, from pickling to making soap to constructing a rainwater collection system. I will also be revealing and explaining new technologies and how they could affect you. If you have any suggestions on what I should try, please feel free to comment or email me at If you would like to catch up with my projects on a regular basis, please subscribe or find this site on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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